Organizing Week {Hair Products and Make Up}

Hair Product and Make Up Organization

Hair Product and Make Up Edition

Let’s Start with my hair products.

Hair Product and Make Up Organization

Please don’t judge the amount of hair product I own.  I have curly unruly hair that needs different product depending on the day/weather/time of year/where I’m going.

As you can see, the bottom drawer of my side of the vanity was an endless pit of product thrown in.  Oh, and about a bazillion hair ties and bobby pins.

 {If I ever go missing, please follow the trail of bobby pins and you will find me.}

This area needed a complete overhaul.  So much so that I moved where I store my hair product all together.

Hair Product and Make Up Organization

Ahhh.  Clean, organized and everything together.

This basket was in the cabinet under my sink with my hair dryer and travel bags.  I moved the travel bags to the bottom drawer formally known as the product pit.  Now everything can stand up and be seen.  No more digging and throwing things around.

Do you recognize those two tall containers?  Yup, they’re empty Crystal Light containers.  Finally found a use for them!  They hold hair ties and bobby pins.

It is so nice to be able to bring the basket out when I’m doing my hair and put it out of sight when I am finished.

My make up wasn’t nearly as bad as my hair products.

Hair Product and Make Up Organization

I had made an attempt to organize my make up better last year.  I took it out of the gross make up bag and put in a clear plastic organized container that can be wiped clean.  It worked for a bit, but just got out of hand after awhile.

I wasn’t able to see everything I had, things spilled and I still had the super waterproof mascara I wore for our wedding three and a half years ago.  It was time to move on.

Hair Product and Make Up Organization

Beautiful!  I still kept with the plastic organizing containers, but downsized so every thing had its spot.  I found these containers as a set at Marshalls.  They work perfectly for what I need and are easy to keep clean.

 I threw away old and barely used things that were just taking up space.  I have a container for eyes, lips and face keeping like products together.  I think this system will work MUCH better than before.  It is clear what I have and where it goes.

It is so much easier getting ready now that things are organized and in their place.

Organizing Week {Junk Drawer}

Monograms and Makeovers National Organizing Week

Junk Drawer Edition

Junk Drawer Before

Let me start this off with saying that from the start, this poor drawer didn’t have a chance.  Before we even moved into the house, my dad had created the junk drawer during construction.  I’m not blaming him.  I could have and should have changed it long ago.  But you know, life happens.  I’m so ashamed by this.  I hate opening it and I just force it shut.  I had no idea I had batteries in here!

Organizing Containers

While in Home Goods searching for some organizational gold, I found these.  I mean they were made for the junk drawer.  And they were only $5.99.  That is 2 large, 2 long and 3 small containers for $5.99.  Amazing!  Oh, and they fit perfectly into the drawer and interlock.  Amazingly perfect!

Junk Drawer After

Can you hear the angels singing from heaven?  Look at that!  It is beautiful!  Every little thing has it’s place.  I highly recommend these organizational containers.  Go to Home Goods and treat yourself and your junk drawer.  Now.

I can open the drawer and find what I need without rummaging.  I can shut the drawer without stuffing.  It is beautiful.

How’s the status of your junk drawer?

Organizing Week {Pinspiration}

Monograms and Makeovers National Organizing WeekHappy Monograms and Makeovers National Organizing Week!!

I get so stinking excited over organizing.  It may be a little bit of an obsession.  This week I’ll be sharing with you how I organized my junk drawer, jewelry and makeup and hair products.  I’ll show you the pretty, organized after, but also the not so pretty before.

To get in the groove of organizing and for some inspiration I turned to Pinterest of course.

Pinterest Organization

{clockwise from top left}

The repurpose of a silverware drawer organizer is so smart and practical.  It is a great way to divide the space and allow for larger items.

How adorable are those little tea cups?  For dainty things like jewelry, they are so perfect.  I’m always seeing tea cups at the thrift stores.  So it is perfect for organizing on a budget.

I used to keep my makeup in a makeup bag, but that wasn’t working for me so I switched to a plastic container that fit in the drawer last year.  That isn’t really working either.  The smaller compartments allow to keep everything together and can be easily cleaned.

This drawer organizer can be adjusted for the size of the drawer, which makes perfect sense.

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time throwing away my Crystal Light containers.  I also have a hard time finding a use for the ones I’ve hoarded.  I’m thinking they’ll be perfect to keep small items together with a lid so nothing gets misplaced.

I like the idea of using clear containers.  It keeps things seamless, but together in the drawer.

This “junk drawer” is perfect.  I’m hoping mine looks like this when it is finished.  Every little compartment and it’s contents have their space.  No more fighting to get the drawer closed!

The plastic baskets are great for any drawer, for any purpose and can be found at the dollar store.  Budget organizing, what could be better than that?

What are your favorite ways to organize?  Would love to see!