Organizing Week {Hair Products and Make Up}

Hair Product and Make Up Organization

Hair Product and Make Up Edition

Let’s Start with my hair products.

Hair Product and Make Up Organization

Please don’t judge the amount of hair product I own.  I have curly unruly hair that needs different product depending on the day/weather/time of year/where I’m going.

As you can see, the bottom drawer of my side of the vanity was an endless pit of product thrown in.  Oh, and about a bazillion hair ties and bobby pins.

 {If I ever go missing, please follow the trail of bobby pins and you will find me.}

This area needed a complete overhaul.  So much so that I moved where I store my hair product all together.

Hair Product and Make Up Organization

Ahhh.  Clean, organized and everything together.

This basket was in the cabinet under my sink with my hair dryer and travel bags.  I moved the travel bags to the bottom drawer formally known as the product pit.  Now everything can stand up and be seen.  No more digging and throwing things around.

Do you recognize those two tall containers?  Yup, they’re empty Crystal Light containers.  Finally found a use for them!  They hold hair ties and bobby pins.

It is so nice to be able to bring the basket out when I’m doing my hair and put it out of sight when I am finished.

My make up wasn’t nearly as bad as my hair products.

Hair Product and Make Up Organization

I had made an attempt to organize my make up better last year.  I took it out of the gross make up bag and put in a clear plastic organized container that can be wiped clean.  It worked for a bit, but just got out of hand after awhile.

I wasn’t able to see everything I had, things spilled and I still had the super waterproof mascara I wore for our wedding three and a half years ago.  It was time to move on.

Hair Product and Make Up Organization

Beautiful!  I still kept with the plastic organizing containers, but downsized so every thing had its spot.  I found these containers as a set at Marshalls.  They work perfectly for what I need and are easy to keep clean.

 I threw away old and barely used things that were just taking up space.  I have a container for eyes, lips and face keeping like products together.  I think this system will work MUCH better than before.  It is clear what I have and where it goes.

It is so much easier getting ready now that things are organized and in their place.