Organizing Week {Jewelry}

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Jewelry Storage Edition

Jewelry Organization

Mess #1

Jewelry Organization

Mess #2

I mean, I had good intentions with this jewelry storage mess.

I found the little bird, tree, nest, branches thing at Home Goods a few years ago. Initially it worked for my every day, and mostly worn jewlery. A few pair of earrings in the nest, some rings and bracelets from the branches. It looked cute on my dresser. Perfect, right?

To organize the other things that I didn’t wear as much I bought a storage system at Michael’s.

Jewelry Organization

The little drawers were perfect and it sit nicely on a shelf in our closet.

Then life happened. I can tell you I have gotten really good at untangling necklaces though.

I couldn’t take it anymore!! I had to do something!

I did like the concept of my storage. Something on my dresser for my every day and most worn pieces and then something in the closet for the things I didn’t wear as often. So, I started how every good organization project should start, I dumped and purged.

I took everything out and separated it by type on the kitchen table and got rid of old, broken and out of style pieces. Then I decided what needed to be in the drawers and what could sit on my dresser.

Jewelry Organization

Are you surprised I used a cake plate? I was wandering Home Goods for something pretty and functional to sit on my dresser and spotted this simple tiered cake plate. It works perfectly! Rings and earrings on top, bracelets in the middle and necklaces and watches on the bottom. The best part is, I can see everything I have, nothing gets tangled and it doesn’t look like a gigantic mess on my dresser. Win, win and win!

Now what to do with those drawers….

I decided to keep each drawer separated by jewelry type.

Jewelry Organization

Using dollar store containers I was able to keep things together and organized. Now I can see all my beautiful, bangle jewels!

Jewelry Organization

The little white ramekins from the dollar store are perfect to keep earrings and rings together. Since the drawers are deep it is nice to be able to stack them and move them around if needed. The empty space was great to lay watches. {Do I have a watch problem?} In this drawer I also have all my nicer things and important to me pieces tucked away in protective pouches. I can’t believe I had just thrown some of those things in the drawers! Shame on me!

Jewelry Organization

My biggest tangled mess was necklaces. Dollar store containers to the rescue again! So nice to be able to pull something out and not have anything else attached to it! But wait, there’s more! I have a few statement necklaces that I wasn’t sure what to do with.

Jewelry Organization

I decided to hang them from the side! I had bought 3M picture hanging hooks awhile back and never used them. They are perfect for the cause! I set them on top and hung the necklaces from the hook. The best part is, by the love of gravity, I didn’t even have to attach the hooks.

Jewelry Organization

The last drawer is sort of random. In here I keep important things like my first license and college ID, and then really important things like the box my engagement ring came in. We all need that random jewelry drawer for important things. Come on, admit it. I also keep containers and pouches I like to use for travel in here too.

This organization project took me a little longer than expected, but it was so worth it. Everything has its place, I can find things and nothing is a tangled mess anymore!

How do you organize your jewelry?