Baby Blanket {Can I Make One?}

A very dear friend of mine is expecting a little girl in March and I would love, love, love to make a baby blanket/quilt.  When I was little my Blankie {Yup, I went there.} was my most prized possession.  It was cozy and had a satin trim that I was in love with.  I would love to make something just as special for Baby S.

 Now, I’m not talking all quilty with patches and all.  That’s a little beyond my skills at the moment.  I’m definitely thinking cozy and I would like to add a satin trim.  I of course consulted Pinterest for my research and found a couple ideas.

Baby Blanket

Doesn’t this blanket from HowDoes She just look so stinking cozy?

The tutorial seems easy enough.  I’ve never used minky fabric before but I can sew a darn good straight line.

I found this tutorial for sewing a satin edge on Instructables.

Makes me a little nervous since I have never sewn with satin and my machine refuses to do a zig zag stitch.  She’s moody. Oh, and flames are involved.  I don’t do fire.

What do you think?  Can I do it?  Any tips for me?

Glitter Votives

Glitter Votives

I just love a good dollar store craft.  I found plain glass votives at the Dollar Tree.  Apparently when I made my Rubber Band Votives I was looking in all the wrong places in Dollar Tree.  Their craft aisle is a jack pot people!

To get the dipped in glitter look I taped off the area I wanted to remain clear with painters tape then Mod Podged the remaining areas {on the bottom too}.  I had picked up some cheapy plastic containers at Dollar Tree and dumped my silver glitter in there to dip and coat the votives without a horrendous glitter mess.  Once everything was covered I took the votives outside and sprayed a clear coat of spray paint to secure the glitter and give it a little protecting layer.  I let them fully dry for about 24 hours and removed the tape to reveal their glittery goodness.

Glitter Votives

I think they’re perfectly wintery.  I love a little sparkle!

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Monogram Lucite Tray

Monograms Lucite Tray

I made a monogram lucite tray for our coffee table during my living room redo this summer.  It has come in pretty handy and I figured one would be a great gift for my aunt and uncle for Christmas.  They spend a lot of time at their pool during the summer and a tray to carry drinks out would be perfect.

Monograms Lucite Tray Supplies

I found a bright, summery coral fabric to use for the backing and a plain lucite tray from Amazon.  I cut their monogram using white adhesive vinyl and my Silhouette SD.

Monogram Lucite Tray Mod Podge

After applying the ‘E’ onto the tray {Make sure you reverse the letter since you applying it to the underside of the tray.} I coated the underside of the tray with Mod Podge.  If you don’t have adhesive vinyl or a Silhouette or similar cutting machine you can simply print a letter and trace onto paper and Mod Podge onto the tray.

Monogram Lucite Tray Mod Podge Fabric

After applying the Mod Podge, carefully place your fabric onto the underside of the tray right side down.  Let dry for about an hour and apply another coat of Mod Podge to the wrong side of the fabric.  If you don’t have fabric you could use paper, wrapping paper, wall paper, anything really.  That’s the beauty of Mod Podge!  Again, let dry for about an hour and apply one last coat of Mod Podge.

Monogram Lucite Tray details

Once you have allowed the final coat of Mod Podge to dry you are all set to enjoy your tray!  You may have to trim a few frayed edges to finish.  Since we applied everything to the underside, the tray is safe to use with liquids and foods and can be wiped clean between uses.

The tray is great for entertaining or organizing items on a coffee table, dresser or desk.  They make great gifts too!

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{Party Time} Silverware Caddies

Silverware Containers

If your life is anything like mine lately, things are a tad crazy.  I love the holidays, but good Lord are they hectic!

In between refurbishing the dresser into an entertainment center I had a few minutes for a quickie project.  I had seen the idea on Pinterest for silverware caddies.  I thought it would be perfect for our Christmas Eve party as well as any other occasions we entertain throughout the year.  While, adorable, the Pinterest version is $63 from  I don’t know about you, but $63 is out of my budget for caddies used only a few times a year.

While at Michael’s the other day, I remembered the Pin.  I was thinking of using square glass vases, but couldn’t find three that were the size I wanted.  I spotted these acrylic containers and they were perfect!  And perfectly in budget at $2.99 each.  Score!  Using my Silhouette SD and black vinyl I already had on hand I cut out the fork, knife and spoon shapes.

I think they turned out super cute!  Can’t wait to use them on Christmas Eve.

Hope everyone is staying sane!

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Wreaths {Again!}

I know, wreaths again.

I couldn’t help but to share these two wreaths I made for a friend.  {Thanks, Erin!}  If you follow me on Facebook you may have already seen these.

Do you recognize those chevron flowers on the Christmas wreath?  They are actually the cupcake liners I found at Home Goods a few months ago.  I have to admit, the hubs gave me the inspiration for those.  I added a little sparkle with a couple glitter Christmas trees from Michael’s.  Perfect for the season!

Yup, that is another scrolly frame from Michael’s I used for the winter wreath.  This time I found some silver glitter spray paint at Michael’s and gave the frame two coats.  I topped it with a clear coat to protect the glitter.  I added a few felt flowers and some sparkle and pearls to dress up the winter white.

I can’t help but always have a wreath on our front door.  What is on yours for Christmas?  Remember, naked doors are boring!

A Christmas {Chalk Board} Runner

I had a vision a few weeks ago to create a table runner with a chalk board.  After some testing and redoing I am loving what I came up with.

I used a red polka dot fabric that can stretch to holidays and gatherings other than Christmas and added the chalk board fabric on top.  For the chalk board fabric I painted black fabric with Martha Stewart Chalk Board Paint from Michael’s.   Since the chalk board is held on with velcro, the runner can be used by itself as well.  Bonus to double duty!

It is fun to use the runner as a way to note place settings and celebrate the holiday or occasion.

To add to the party, include chalk on the table so friends can write their own notes.  So fun!

I’m thinking of using the runner for our Christmas Eve Party to mark what each of the dishes are.  The runner would also be great on the kids’ table to keep them occupied.  Can’t wait to see how I can use this during the holidays in our house.

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Rubber Band Votives

Remember when I admitted my Pinterest Fail?  Ok, here it is.

I found the glasses at Dollar Tree.  I loved the gold rim.  It made them look extra fancy.  I’m sure it was real gold.  When I saw them I thought they would work great with this idea on Pinterest.  The morning I decided to do the project I realized I didn’t have enough rubber bands.  Since I was still in my pajamas, I mean my crafting clothes, I didn’t really feel like going out to get more rubber bands.  I geniously thought to use painters’ tape instead.  I could make cool patterns, maybe even a chevron.  So I taped and taped and protected that fancy gold rim.  Then I sprayed two coats of white spray paint.  I was pumped to take the tape off and reveal the gorgeous final product.  Yeah.  Not so gorgesous.  The patterns didn’t exactly turn out as I had imagined.  Lines weren’t straight, paint had leaked and well, they looked ugly.

So I decided to start over.  And do it right this time.

This time I went for stemless wine glasses from Home Goods for $7.99.  I felt like they fit better as votive holders.  I also invested in a gigantic bag of rubber bands from Staples.  I banded each glass off in a random pattern then took them outside to spray paint with a white gloss.  Since some spots had been missed I gave the votives two coats.  After allowing them to dry for 24 hours I removed the rubber bands.

 Despite some imperfections they turned out really cool.  I love how the light comes through where the rubber bands had been.  I decided the imperfections give them each character.

So far I’ve decorated the table with them, used them on the teal dresser and now they sit on the TV console giving that a little ambiance.  These will definitely be making an appearance with our Christmas decor.  I’m so glad I stood up to the Pinterest Fail.

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Monogram Placemats {Flashback Project}

Sharing a little flashback project that I did last Christmas for my aunt and uncle.  Please excuse the cell phone picture.

Clearly I love a good monogram.  Last Christmas I found these plain placemats at Pier 1 and added the monogram using my Silhouette and the Silhouette fabric paint.  I cut out a stencil using Silhouette vinyl and painted two coats of the black fabric paint.

Don’t you just love a personalized gift?

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Pinterest Fail

You know we’ve all done it.  Pinned something. Had big dreams. Failed miserably.

So sorry for no crafty post today.  Had wanted to share a set of votives, but they didn’t turn out so fabulous.  I will be attempting again today and hopefully share some beauties tomorrow.

Oh, and just so you know, these strawberries and these zucchini chips are fails too.

Check out Pinterest Fails on Pinstrosity.  We can all relate.

Twinsie Onesies {Take Two}

Aren’t they cute?  I mean, if I do say so myself.

Chevron, polka dots, twins!

This was my first ever attempt at fabric applique.  Maybe I should have gone with a shape with very straight lines, but I couldn’t resist the elephants.  Using fusible fabric interfacing and my Silhouette SD I cut the fabric for the elephants and the bows and ironed on to the onesies.  I wanted to be sure they were securely attached so I sewed around the edges.

The sewing was a little tricky at times and tested my mediocre sewing skills, but I think they turned out great. Even the hubs was impressed!

You will definitely be seeing more fabric applique in the future. I’m thinking a little monogram on those living room pillows I still need to get to.

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