Organizing Week {Round Up}


Did you celebrate Organization Week with me?  What did you get organized?

Let’s do a little Organization Round Up

Started the week with some {pin}spiration from Pinterest.

Loved all the ideas for small containers within the drawer to keep things organized.


The first thing I tackled was the junk drawer.  Lord knows it needed to be organized.

It is so much easier to find everything we need now.  This drawer will never be a junky junk drawer again!



Because of my {lack} of organization when it comes to my jewelry I got really good at untangling necklaces.

With my organized jewelry it isn’t a struggle to find the piece I want to wear.  I even found things I forgot I had.



I admit, I have a problem with collecting hair product.

But, I didn’t want to admit I had a problem with storing my hair product.

With a little switching around, everything is together and the bobby pin graveyard at the bottom of the drawer is no more.



I had attempted to organize my make up before, but my system wasn’t working.

I kept with the plastic containers but downsized so each item had its spot.



I hope you got to celebrate with me for Organization Week.  If not, I hope I inspired you to get organized.  It really is an amazing process to get rid of the old and have a clean, clear place for everything.

 Of course I would have loved to buy new shelving or an amazing jewelry box, but I wanted to keep it simple and cheap.  I did all of this for under $30.  Shop your own house for jars or containers that can be repurposed and wander the aisles of the dollar store, Home Goods and Marshalls for affordable options.

Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed.  Focus on one spot at a time and your organization will go smoothly.

Would love to see what you accomplished with organizing.  Send me an email, Facebook comment or Tweet.

{Linking Up Tatertots & Jello}

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