Organizing Week {Junk Drawer}

Monograms and Makeovers National Organizing Week

Junk Drawer Edition

Junk Drawer Before

Let me start this off with saying that from the start, this poor drawer didn’t have a chance.  Before we even moved into the house, my dad had created the junk drawer during construction.  I’m not blaming him.  I could have and should have changed it long ago.  But you know, life happens.  I’m so ashamed by this.  I hate opening it and I just force it shut.  I had no idea I had batteries in here!

Organizing Containers

While in Home Goods searching for some organizational gold, I found these.  I mean they were made for the junk drawer.  And they were only $5.99.  That is 2 large, 2 long and 3 small containers for $5.99.  Amazing!  Oh, and they fit perfectly into the drawer and interlock.  Amazingly perfect!

Junk Drawer After

Can you hear the angels singing from heaven?  Look at that!  It is beautiful!  Every little thing has it’s place.  I highly recommend these organizational containers.  Go to Home Goods and treat yourself and your junk drawer.  Now.

I can open the drawer and find what I need without rummaging.  I can shut the drawer without stuffing.  It is beautiful.

How’s the status of your junk drawer?

6 thoughts on “Organizing Week {Junk Drawer}

  1. I might get more satisfaction than the average person from cleaning out a cluttered space in my house and making it nice and organized. I also have a junk drawers that’s full of, well junk, but I’ve made special efforts to keep these random objects in order and somewhat manageable. Great ideas!

  2. Love this! I recently organized our drunk drawer and found alot of long lost stuff. I picked up some clear containers at BBB to use. I was able to organize and get rid of enough stuff that we could get a knife organizer in the drawer. Even better it was on clearance at BBB and helped clear out some of our counter space. Yay organizing!

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