Being Social

I kid and say I was very shy until 2004.  I had my first job out of college coordinating special events and was forced to come out of my shy shell.

    Now, with starting Monograms and Makeovers I’m feeling like I’m back in 2004 being forced out of my comfort box a bit.  I am vowing to put myself out there more, to comment on fellow bloggers posts and Facebook pages, Tweet more and well, be more social when it comes to social media.

This little baby blog of mine is in a major growth stage right now.  I get excited at page views that most existing blogs probably get in five minutes.  But hey, everyone has to start somewhere, right?

So, if you could help a girl out and follow along with me on this adventure of mine I would absolutely love it!  See those cute little social media buttons up on the top right?  Please, click away and become a Facebook Fan, a Twitter or Instagram Follower, subscriber, check out my Pinterest Boards, whatever you’d like.  Tell you’re friends too!

If you have a baby blog yourself, or have an awesome, kick butt grown up blog please comment, let me know, share away.  I’d love to follow you back too!

4 thoughts on “Being Social

  1. As a newbie, I can relate! It seems that you are off to a great start, I am following along on all the avenues that I am synced up with and I am more then happy to share where I can. It’s a little early for deep thinking (only 1 coffee cup down) but I think you’ve even inspired me to get moving and “learn” how to put myself out there more as well. Keep up the good work!!

  2. I spent my whole childhood being shy too. 🙂 still hits me every now and then, but like you, I’m trying! I’m now officially here to follow you, and be a friend to you…Because you seem awesome, and I think we have a ton in common. 🙂

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