O, Holy Night

O Holy Night Nativity

I mentioned yesterday that I was reminding myself that it isn’t all about the to do list and making everything perfect for Christmas. While not an overly religious person, the last few days I have been stopping to reflect on what the season is all about.

Since we have been married, my grandmother has given us a piece of the Lenox Nativity each year. I typically showcase it on a shelf on our entertainment center but knew with the new piece I wouldn’t have such a shelf. I also figured the set deserved a little bit nicer display. I decided to dedicate one of the shelves next to our Christmas tree for the Nativity. To dress the space up a bit I created a framed piece using my Silhouette. I added the Star of Bethlehem and a few words from one of my {appropriately} favorite Christmas songs.

I am glad I decided to showcase the pieces better and give a little more reason to the season.

{Linking Up: 30 Days Handmade, Tatertots and Jello, I Heart Nap Time}

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