Chex Mix Tradition

Chex Mix

Growing up, between Thanksgiving and Christmas the snack of choice in my family was homemade Chex Mix, thanks to my Gram.  The stuff is classic {and sooo addicting}.  I can’t even imagine how many batches my Gram made.  She gave each family a gigantic jar filled with the stuff.  Since she is no longer with us, a few years ago, I decided to attempt to recreate Gram’s Chex Mix.  The first year was an experiment.  It was close to hers but there was something missing.  I consulted my aunt and she let me in on the secret.

Since I love you all for reading, I’m going to let you in on the secret too.  You’re welcome! Merry Christmas!

First of all, I have never made or tasted the recipe using the microwave.  I’m thinking it wouldn’t be as crispy.  So, follow the oven recipe for the dry ingredients.  You can find the recipe on the box or here.  I use the Chex cereal, peanuts instead of mixed nuts and pretzels.  I omit the pita chips, but that is just my preference.  Now, here is the first secret.  When you prepare the juice {the butter, worcestershire and spices} double what the recipe calls for.  The extra juice just gives it that little something special.  The second secret is, skip the paper towels when you let your Chex Mix cool.  Use brown paper bags instead.  The paper towels absorb all of the butter, worcestershire and spices mix.

Trust me, you will love Chex Mix Gram’s way.

What are your Christmas foodie traditions?

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