A {very} Stubborn Bulldog

Stella Christmas

I tried {and tried and tried} to get a perfect picture of Stella in front of the tree for our Christmas card.  As you can see, I have one stubborn bulldog on my hands.  She even gave me the stank eye.  Needless to say I didn’t get my perfect picture.

I apologize for the lack of crafty posts lately.  I’ve been very crafty, but can’t share since what I have been working on are Christmas gifts.  I promise you’ll see after the holidays.

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – @becks519 {Please follow!} you know I finally found a dresser to refurbish as our TV console.

I’m so excited.  It is all curvy and gorgeous.  My best friend, Sarah appropriately named her Marilyn.

I am hoping to get it finished in time for our Christmas Eve party.  Why not add one more {huge} thing to my to do list?

How’s your holiday to do list coming?

One thought on “A {very} Stubborn Bulldog

  1. I think I took too many pictures of my dog, Lucy, and now whenever a camera (or phone) is pointed at her, she turns around. It’s a shame, too… She’s so photogenic.

    I’m almost done with Christmas shopping — Just have to stop by the MAC counter. Not doing too much here, since we’ll be flying up to NH for a few days.

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