TV Console Inspiration

{Please forgive the cell phone pictures and horrendous angles.}

So, this happened yesterday.

TV Repair

That’s our TV.  And the hubs.  Thinking he’s a TV repair man.  I love him dearly, but removing the back of the TV and spraying a can of air was his solution to fix the picture issues we’ve been having with the TV.  Guess what?  It didn’t work.

Since we are currently researching whether it is worth it to fix the TV or if we are better off just buying a new one, the idea of refurbishing a piece of furniture for the TV console is back in my head.  Why not add a big project like that to my to do list during the holidays, right?  While driving past the second hand store yesterday, I decided to stop.

They had rearranged a bit since I was in there last and I noticed this whole area in the back with more furniture.  Jackpot!  There were so many dressers and buffet pieces back there I had never seen before!  I tried to get picture of them all, but was being followed by a crazy older woman who opened drawers of every piece I touched.  I had to {politely} ask her to stand out of the way while I was snapping a picture with my phone more than once.

TV Console Ideas

Every one had something I loved about them.  I need to stop back with my tape measure to really consider each one.  Top drawers must be able to be converted into a shelf for our cable box and the hubs’ Play Station.  I want something with a little character, has ample storage and under $200.  Which one should make the cut?

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