Party Planning {Christmas Eve}

It just so happened that our first married Christmas and our first Christmas in our house happened to be the first Christmas when neither of our families had plans for Christmas Eve.  I jumped at the chance to entertain.  I remember my dad calling me that night when he got home to tell me Christmas Eve was now my holiday.

Since we knew family and friends would be coming and going at different times it was a no brainer to do a cocktail and appetizer type affair.  Each year I try to change it up a bit and well, one up myself.  The last two years I have served similar appetizers with one main dish, my famous Crock Pot pulled pork.

I do have a challenge when planning our party.  We are out of town all day on December 23rd and do not get home until Christmas Eve afternoon.  I need to choose things that can be prepared ahead of time and quickly reheated.  I want to change things up a bit this year.  Enter, Pinterest, of course.

{row one}

Reuben Bites & Reuben Dip – Over the last year I discovered I love reubens.  I can’t stand any of the ingredients individually, but together, heaven!  Although delicious, reubens are messy.  In bite sized or dip form they’d be so much easier to enjoy.

White Pizza Dip – All that cheesy goodness looks incredible.  Pair it with some Stacy’s Pita Chips and I bet it would be delicious.

{row two}

Arugula Wrapped in Prosciutto – The saltiness of the prosciutto combined with the smokey arugula looks amazing and so easy to prep in the short amount of time I have before our guests arrive.

Mini Taco Cups – Who doesn’t love tacos?  These look adorable and so easy to make.  I would top mine with some of my Dad’s homemade salsa, shredded lettuce and served with a side of sour cream.

{row three}

Cheesy Pull Apart Bread – I have seen this all over Pinterest and have been dying to try it.  I mean when someone calls something ‘Crack Bread’ it has to be good, right?

Individual Taco Dip – I typically make a layered taco dip.  I can easily layer the dip in individual cups and garnish with a chip for easy eating and to avoid the dreaded double dip.

Nutella – I mean that should be enough said.  I had a little addiction over the summer and now have to keep my eyes forward when I pass it on the shelf in the grocery store.  At work we discovered that Ruffle Potato Chips dipped in slightly melted Nutella is quite possibly what heaven is like.  This will be on the table on Christmas Eve.

Now, how do I decide what makes the cut?  I know I have to keep with tradition and serve my buffalo chicken dip, my sister in law’s caesar salad, and pigs in a blanket.  The hubs would probably leave if I didn’t serve pigs in a blanket.  What pairs well with mini hot dogs?

I have been brought up right to not just throw food on a table and call it a day.  The tablescape itself is an experience.

{row one}

Washi Tape Glasses – What a cute way to add a little flair to the stemware and be able to tell your glass apart from other guests.  I have been wanting to use Washi tape someway, somehow and now I’ve found it!

Chevron Flatware – It’s no secret I love me some chevron.  The site has some adorable party supplies that isn’t just the boring plasticware.

Red Flowers – In my opinion, fresh flowers make everything better.  Among all the food, it will be nice to have a little decor too.

{row two}

Chalk Board Table Runner – As I mentioned, I plan to use the runner to label what each dish is on the table.  Functional and festive!

Plastic Cups with Labels – Plain plastic cups are boring.  Adding a Christmas label will do just the trick.

{row three}

Flatware Caddy – These aren’t necessary, but I just think they’re fun!  These can be quickly made with a few jars and some vinyl for the knife, fork and spoon.  They can be used from occasion to occasion too.

Tiered Food – Que, cake plates!  See, I will use them for actual food!  Adding levels to the table creates space and a better visual of the food being served.  I like the colored bases shown here.  I may have to find a way to incorporate that into my table for Christmas Eve.

White Serving Dishes – I try my hardest to serve everything in a white dish.  I think it is a clean, consistent look.  Plus, the white doesn’t take away from anything else you have decorating the table.

I also have to include some outfit ideas.  When hosting the party I like to look cute of course, but what I’m wearing has to be comfortable and   easy to clean should I spill.

Outfit 1. Outfit 2. Outfit 3. Outfit 4.

I will probably wear flat boots with jeans or leggings of some sort.  I like the festive look of the red or green pants, but not sure if I can pull that off.  The scarf is a good alternative to a necklace and is great for layering and greeting guests outside without having to put a coat on.

Every year I look forward to our Christmas Eve party.  I can’t wait to start executing some of these ideas.  Any suggestions or tips?

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