A Christmas {Chalk Board} Runner

I had a vision a few weeks ago to create a table runner with a chalk board.  After some testing and redoing I am loving what I came up with.

I used a red polka dot fabric that can stretch to holidays and gatherings other than Christmas and added the chalk board fabric on top.  For the chalk board fabric I painted black fabric with Martha Stewart Chalk Board Paint from Michael’s.   Since the chalk board is held on with velcro, the runner can be used by itself as well.  Bonus to double duty!

It is fun to use the runner as a way to note place settings and celebrate the holiday or occasion.

To add to the party, include chalk on the table so friends can write their own notes.  So fun!

I’m thinking of using the runner for our Christmas Eve Party to mark what each of the dishes are.  The runner would also be great on the kids’ table to keep them occupied.  Can’t wait to see how I can use this during the holidays in our house.

{Sharing on Not Just a Housewife and Tatertots & Jello}

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