Rubber Band Votives

Remember when I admitted my Pinterest Fail?  Ok, here it is.

I found the glasses at Dollar Tree.  I loved the gold rim.  It made them look extra fancy.  I’m sure it was real gold.  When I saw them I thought they would work great with this idea on Pinterest.  The morning I decided to do the project I realized I didn’t have enough rubber bands.  Since I was still in my pajamas, I mean my crafting clothes, I didn’t really feel like going out to get more rubber bands.  I geniously thought to use painters’ tape instead.  I could make cool patterns, maybe even a chevron.  So I taped and taped and protected that fancy gold rim.  Then I sprayed two coats of white spray paint.  I was pumped to take the tape off and reveal the gorgeous final product.  Yeah.  Not so gorgesous.  The patterns didn’t exactly turn out as I had imagined.  Lines weren’t straight, paint had leaked and well, they looked ugly.

So I decided to start over.  And do it right this time.

This time I went for stemless wine glasses from Home Goods for $7.99.  I felt like they fit better as votive holders.  I also invested in a gigantic bag of rubber bands from Staples.  I banded each glass off in a random pattern then took them outside to spray paint with a white gloss.  Since some spots had been missed I gave the votives two coats.  After allowing them to dry for 24 hours I removed the rubber bands.

 Despite some imperfections they turned out really cool.  I love how the light comes through where the rubber bands had been.  I decided the imperfections give them each character.

So far I’ve decorated the table with them, used them on the teal dresser and now they sit on the TV console giving that a little ambiance.  These will definitely be making an appearance with our Christmas decor.  I’m so glad I stood up to the Pinterest Fail.

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