Charity Craft Night

During the summer, my mom and a group of women got together to socialize, craft and raise a few dollars for charity.  Last week, my mom hosted her own craft night and I was honored to be a part of it.

It really is such a great idea.  You know we all Pin projects and projects and never follow through with actually making those projects.  Why not take our Pinterest obsession and make something of it?  I’m not still sitting in my pajamas, staring at Pinterest at noon,  I’m planning my next charity function.  Sounds much better, right?

My mom first proposed the idea of a craft night a few months ago.  After some thinking, Pinning and experimenting, she decided on her craft, a framed monogram on the pattern paper of their choice she found from this Pin.

My mom provided an assortment of paper, glue, adhesive vinyl, paper cutters, a few frames and other miscellaneous supplies to complete the craft project.  We also had chosen a handful of fonts that each person could choose from for their monogram ahead of time.  This kept things running smoothly.  I provided my crafting skills and my favorite crafting tool, my Silhouette SD to cut the letters out.  Many brought their own frames to use for the project.  My dad had a hand in the night too.  He whipped up some of his awesome appetizers and opened a few bottles of wine for the occasion.  Honestly, what is crafting without food and wine?

All the ladies did such a great job.  We had everything from classic black letter on neutral patterns to some colorful teal and bright green combinations.  Many of the frames were head starts on Christmas gifts for friends and family.  The timing couldn’t have been been better.

Each woman graciously donated money, which my mom decided would go to the Diabetes Education Center at our local hospital.  She volunteers there weekly and witnesses first hand how stretched the resources are.  Many women who are pregnant and diabetic have a difficult time affording food to stay healthy let alone the supplies they need to keep their blood sugar levels in check.  As a Type I diabetic for over 50 years, she knows first hand how the combination of healthy eating, regular doctors visits and the necessary supplies keep her healthy.

Driving home that night got me thinking.  Why not make something out of all this Pinning we’re doing?  You don’t have to just do a craft.  Have friends bring an appetizer they have Pinned they want to try.  Experiment with hairstyles or make up techniques you have Pinned.  With Christmas around the corner and all this mess from Sandy money, toys, food or clothing can be donated for charity.  Spend a night catching up with friends for a great cause all because of something we love, Pinterest.  It’s a win, win!

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