TV Console Inspiration

I’m not sure if you noticed, but when I shared my Living Room Reveal the other week, you didn’t see our TV.  Remember that cute bulldog of mine?  Yeah, not showing the TV is all her fault.  She didn’t just take a liking to the old couch, her first love was for our TV console.  The console is one of the few pieces of furniture we bought brand new for the house when we moved in.  Stella decided it needed a little distressing and managed to chew around the entire base.  Now that the chewing, puppy phase is {hopefully} done, it is time to replace the piece.

I am looking to refurbish a long dresser, credneza or buffet style piece of furniture. If you follow me on Pinterest and my Living Room Board you may have noticed some of my inspiration.

Inspiration 1, Inspiration 2, Inspiration 3, Inspiration 4, Inspiration 5, Inspiration 6

I love the idea of removing the drawers to hide the cable box and the hubs’ Play Station.  The added extra storage of the pieces would be great to hide DVDs, games and manuals.  Cabinets to break up the drawers would be great since I don’t want the piece to look like it belongs in a bedroom.  All the pieces are substantial in size and would help fill up space in the living room where chairs used to sit.

I know what I want, but haven’t been able to find it.  Keep an eye out for me!

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