A Halloween Poof

So, there’s this girl who is:

funny, smart, a little bit crazy,

loves the color red,

has an adorable pug, awesome hair,

amazing make up skills,

can talk to anyone,

and a gigantic heart.

She’s my best friend, Sarah.

One other thing about Sarah is she loves Halloween. I’m talking go all out, epic costume, love of Halloween.

See what I mean. She’s definitely channeling Gaga.

When it comes to Halloween, I’m more of a decorate and splurge on a Reeses cup or three. The last time I dressed up for Halloween was seven years ago, but only because I had to for my job at the time as an event planner. When I heard Sarah was taking some Pinterest inspiration for her costume this year I asked her to share.


Materials Used:

30 yards of netting (not tulle)


Cotton Yarn

Rope cord (about 4 feet)


Tape Measure or yardstick

1. Unroll your netting and cut it in sections measuring 2.5 yards in length

2. Netting usually comes on a roll folding twice

Completely unfold the netting and cut it in half lengthwise

3. Refold your netting once lengthwise in half

Refold the same piece in thirds width wise

4. Use a piece of cotton yarn (cotton yarn is more durable than regular wool or acrylic yarn)

and tie the folded netting, cinching it in the middle

**Repeat steps 2 through 4 with all of your netting sections you have cut**

5. Measure the elastic just around your hips and your bust line

and tie it off for what feels comfortable for you

(It’s best to make sure that the elastic is snug to assure your costume won’t fall down)

**Using a dress form or a human volunteer will make the next steps easier**

6. Tie each netting section you have cinched and tied around the elastic on the hips and bust line.

7. Once you have tied all the netting sections onto the elastic, fluff up your poof

8. Tie your rope cord to the elastic that sits at your bust line

Complete your look by attaching a regular bath poof or rubber ducky

to a head band for a fun accessory

Thanks, Sarah for sharing!

{Original idea found here}

{All photos courtesy of Gwen Driskill}

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