Real Simple {October}

One of my favorite days of the month is when my Real Simple magazine arrives.

Here’s what I’m loving in the October issue.

1.  I always love reading The Simple List.  The facts and trivia are always interesting.  $310 million on pet costumes.  Really?

2.  Finding a new use for something we all have around the house is genius!  From Q-tips to ice cube trays there is always something worth trying to make life easier.  This month’s new uses for a hair dryer is great.  A less painful way to take off a bandaid, thank you!

3.  The 10 finds under $50 page of the Trends Worth Trying always has at least one item I have to have.  The refillable soap dispenser from Caldrea puts those plastic ones to shame.  Plus, the cute pattern would match the color scheme in our living/dining/kitchen area!

4.  Styling seven pieces into six outfits is amazing.  Seeing how Real Simple puts the pieces together gives me inspiration to shop my own closet and reinvent some favorite outfits.  Closet multitasking is always nice!

5.  Something aways wows me in Real Simple each month.  This time it is how the fridge should be arranged.  Identifying what goes where and why is extremely helpful.  Definitely need to rearrange our fridge now.

6.  Featuring a month worth of meals with recipes and a shopping list is extremely helpful.  While I may not cook every night it does help get me out of the grilled chicken and vegetables rut.  Shrimp and pineapple tacos, yes please!

7.  After all the practical solutions and money saving tips it is nice to fantasize too.  This loop chair from C. Bell Furnishing is incredible.  How cool!  The $1,250 price tag, not so cool.  It does give me inspiration to find something similar to refurbish.

Can’t wait for the November Real Simple!

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