Refurbished Dining Table and Chairs

The more I got into redecorating our living room, the more I realized that our current dining table and chairs needed to go.  After being moved to and from two different apartments and then to our house, the set had seen better days.  The seven year old Martha Stewart for KMart set served us well, but it was time for an upgrade.

I had remembered seeing a table and chair set at the thrift store when I was searching for the dresser to refurbish.  When I went back to check it out, I couldn’t pass it up for $160.

Looking past the shiny table top and tacky chair cushions covered in plastic, I loved to character of the chairs and the curved legs of the table.

In our house the dining table is a well used piece of furniture so I knew I needed to do my research to make sure the paint I chose would be durable and didn’t mind investing in a quality paint.  Everyone at the Soltz paint store was very helpful and suggested using PPG Breakthrough Fast Block Interior/Exterior paint in black satin.  It is high quality and can stand being well used, perfect for furniture and cabinets.  I bought a gallon for about $50, but have more than half of it left.

First step was to remove those awful, plastic covered chair cushions.  This was probably the most time consuming part of the project.  Each cushion had a TON of staples to pry out.  I found the best method was to pry the staples up with a screw driver then pull them out with pliers.  Then, we went to town sanding, using a palm sander on the larger parts of the table and chairs then sandpaper to get in all the details.

After sanding it is important to use a tack cloth to remove all the dust and residue left on the piece.  I primed everything using Zinsser Cover Stain and let dry for 24 hours.  Using a high quality roller and foam paint brush I painted three coats of the black paint, allowing at least 24 hours in between coats.  It is important to note that this particular type of paint was quick drying so I had to take my time and make sure to cover any imperfections immediately.  I did do a light sanding between coats to remove any flaws.  Because the table and chairs would be getting a lot of use, I let everything cure for 7 days before using.  It was so hard, but definitely worth it.

The fabric I chose was from  It is Premier Prints Suzani Twill in Powder Blue.  I purchased two yards for $15 allowing half a yard per chair.  Since I had never reupholstered anything before I consulted Pinterest and found this great tutorial.  When I had removed the plastic and fabric I realized the cushions needed to be replaced too.  I bought one inch foam from Hobby Lobby for $28.  Covering the cushions is definitely a two person job.  Using a staple gun and having a lot of faith in the Hubs to not staple my fingers, the cushions were covered.

I loved how the black chair looks with the fabric.

The table and chairs look perfect in our dining area and cost under $275.

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