Ahh, Fall…

I don’t know what it is about September but it has always signaled a fresh start for me.  Maybe it’s living in a seasonal town or maybe it’s growing up with two teacher parents, but I love when September hits.

With September comes Fall.  Here are five things I am loving for Fall.

Staples is my favorites store.  What can I say, I have a thing for office supplies, especially a good pen.  I picked up these Paper Mate Ink Joy pens and they’re amazing!

Polka dots are huge this year.  I snagged this polka dot chambray shirt from Old Navy during their recent 30% off sale.  The shirt is so versatile.  I’ll be pairing mine with jeans and flats and leggings and boots.

When a new J.Crew catalog arrives I sit down with a glass of wine and take in each glorious page.  This coat screamed “Buy me!” the moment I set eyes on it.  The Lady Day Coat in Retro Jade is the most perfect shade of turquoise.  Now I just have to work up the nerve to splurge on it.

Last year started an obsession with anything leopard.  Seems like that trend will continue this Fall too.  Yes, I already own multiple styles of leopard shoes, but these leopard loafers from Gap are too cute to pass up.

**Update – These are no longer available.  I called Gap and they recommend checking the stores.  If anyone spots them in an 8, I’ll take them!

Fall starts scarf season.  I coordinate mine with my outfit and always wear one.  This polka dot and herringbone scarf from Loft is such a great combination of colors and patterns.  This will definitely become a part of my collection.

What are you loving this Fall?

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