The Perfect Fabric Does Exist.

I spent more hours than I would like to admit searching for the perfect fabrics for the living room.  I’m talking hours that probably combined, would equal days.  Decorating the living room also involved including our dining area and kitchen too.  I needed to keep the spaces separate, but make sure the design flowed.  Between curtains for 3 windows, curtains for our sliding glass door, pillows and chair cushions I needed six different fabrics.  Six!

Initially I fell in love with this combination of Caitlin Wilson Textiles fabrics. Gorgeous!  Sadly, the price was out of budget.  I loved the combination of a floral pattern mixed with a graphic pattern.  Between Joann Fabrics, and Spoonflower I was able to find the perfect mix.  Oh, and a table cloth score from Home Goods.

Joann and are pretty standard for fabric online.  Spoonflower is unique.  You can create your own fabric design or purchase designs created by members.  There are so many options.  From whimsical to classic to bold graphic prints.  Each design is available in a variety of weights from basic cotton to heavy cotton and even silk.  The quality is great and swatches can be ordered for only $5!  I may or may not have spent more money on swatches than the actual fabric. Don’t tell the hubs.

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