A Bulldog and a Couch.

We have the cutest dog on the planet.  Come on,  just look at that face!

Image courtesy J.Marie Photography

That cute face is the reason why our once perfectly nice couch ended up like this.

Broken arm, smashed cushions, chewed pillows and a nice hole chewed under the center cushion. Thanks, Stella.

Before we even brought Stella home I insisted that she would absolutely, positivlely, NOT be allowed on the furniture. That changed the instant I saw her wrinkly, snuggly little puppy self. A year later, I looked around our living room and it was no longer ours. The couch was a disaster, my Pottery Barn pillows destroyed and don’t even get me started on the condition of the area rug. The room needed an overhaul.

Thank goodness for Pinterest. I Pined and Pined and Pined!

Stick around for the adventure!

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